Inflammation of the mouth and the appearance of mouth sores is called mucositis. It is a side effect of some treatments that causes discomfort and pain when eating. Mucositis can appear at any stage of treatment and is usually progressive. The degree of intensity varies. Sometimes it will be necessary to modify the diet to avoid a decrease in food intake. 

Avoid dry, hard foods such as toast, nuts, biscuits or crisps. Also try to avoid irritating foods such as citrus fruits, spices, spicy foods, coffee or carbonated drinks.

If necessary, you can adapt the texture of the preparations according to the pain. Eat soft foods when the pain is mild, and mashed foods when the pain intensifies. Make sure that protein, starch and fatty foods are always present.

Proper oral hygiene should be maintained to avoid superinfection.

Remember to consult your specialist if the pain intensifies.