When there is difficulty in swallowing solid textured foods or the sensation of an obstacle to the passage of food, we refer to dysphagia to solids.

It is advisable to adapt the diet to liquid textures and purées, and foods that are easy to chew, such as ripe bananas or flan. Try to ensure that meals always have a variety of colours, textures and aromas to make them more attractive. It is also important to enrich meals with high-energy and high-protein foods, such as extra virgin olive oil, powdered nuts or egg whites.

To control swallowing, try to eat small meals, and if necessary, you can use a dessert spoon. Make sure that you have swallowed all the food before introducing a new spoonful.

Avoid hard foods, with skin or crust that are difficult to swallow, such as biscuits, nuts or fibrous meats. And do not drink large amounts of liquid during meals.