Dysphagia to liquids is the medical term referring to the appearance of coughing or a choking sensation after the ingestion of liquids. In these cases it is necessary to adapt the viscosity of the liquids to that recommended for each person.

Textures can be like nectar, honey or thicker, like pudding. Commercial thickeners or natural foods can be used to adapt the viscosity.

It is important that you are wide awake when drinking fluids and, under no circumstances, do so if you are drowsy.

It will help you to have better control of swallowing when eating or drinking if you are in a relaxed environment without distractions such as television, and maintaining a correct body position sitting as upright as possible.

It is advisable to avoid foods or dishes with double textures such as noodle soup or watermelon, fibrous or stringy foods such as pineapple, and those that crumble easily when chewed, such as biscuits or toast.