Some patients have the sensation of altered taste during treatment. 

This is medically known as dysgeusia. A metallic or bitter taste may appear, or tastes may disappear completely or partially. 

Dysgeusia can significantly alter the desire to eat and the enjoyment of food. Good oral hygiene before and after each meal can help.

Some of the more usual foods whose taste may be altered are meat and fish, so try to mask them with sauces or condiments.

A good trick is to try foods or dishes that you are not used to, such as from other countries or combinations of sweet and savoury in the same dish. If the metallic taste appears, use citrus fruits such as orange, lemon or kiwi. When taste disappears or is reduced, use more intense seasonings.

It’s important to not become impatient, try to eat different foods at different times of the day, as often taste is recovered progressively.