Ingredients for 4 people

800 ml soy beverage
2 sheets of gelatine
4 egg whites
100 g sugar
75 g rice
100 g quince
1 piece of ginger
1 cinnamon stick
Lemon peel
Rice and quince are highly astringent foods


1.Bring the soy beverage to the boil in a saucepan and add the lemon peel, the cinnamon stick, the piece of fresh ginger and the sugar. Boil for 2 minutes.
2.Add the rice and boil for a further 20 minutes.
3.When it is cooked, turn off the heat and remove the lemon zest, ginger and cinnamon.
4.Mash the rice to a fine purée and add the previously hydrated gelatins. Leave to cool until it thickens.
5.In a bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff.
6.Add the whipped egg whites to the rice with the soy beverage and mix well.
7.Put the quince pieces in a small serving bowl and cover with the mousse. Garnish with more quince, cinnamon powder and, optionally, a little mint.

Chef’s tip

If the mousse is left to stand in the fridge for a day, it can be unmoulded like a flan