Ingredients for 4 people

30 g flour
200 g prepared mashed jardinière
Grated cheese for melting
200 ml milk
12 cannelloni sheets
30 g butter
Including protein foods in an easy to chew preparation


1.In a saucepan, prepare a béchamel sauce by heating the butter with the flour. Cook for 5 minutes over low heat and add the boiling milk, stirring with a whisk. Add a pinch of salt.
2.Boil the cannelloni sheets until they are very soft, adding a couple of extra minutes to the manufacturer's boiling instructions.
3.Fill with the veal purée. In this case it is a texture-modified product that can be found in pharmacies and is nutritionally prepared for adults. They offer a very homogeneous texture.
4.Roll up the sheets.
5.Cover with abundant bechamel sauce and sprinkle with cheese.
6.Grill in the oven for 5 minutes at 180ºC. It should not be too gratinated.
7.If you want to make the mashed veal jardinière, cook and mash: 200 g of veal, 2 carrots, 2 potatoes, half an onion, half a small leek, 1 tomato, virgin olive oil.

Chef’s tip

A very short grilling time is enough to gratinate. You must avoid them being too gratinated, since they are cannelloni that are easy to chew. They should melt in the mouth