Ingredients for 4 people

1 kg pumpkin
3 carrots
1 onion
Juice of 1 orange
Fresh ginger
Virgin olive oil
1 glass of sparkling water
Recipe that includes sparkling water, usually well tolerated during nausea and vomiting


1.Peel the pumpkin and cut it into large pieces.
2.Peel the onion and cut into wedges.
3.Peel the carrots. After removing the skin with the peeler, continue the same action to get some shavings that will serve as decoration. Cut the rest of the carrot into medium-sized pieces.
4.Place the vegetables in a casserole with hot oil and add a little salt. Let them cook over medium heat until golden brown.
5.When they are golden brown, grate the ginger and add the sparkling water. Let it cook for 15 minutes over medium heat.
6.When golden, grate the ginger and add the sparkling water. Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.
7.Add pepper to taste and the orange juice.
8.Blend until it becomes a fine cream.
9.Prepare the carrot shavings in a frying pan with a fair amount of oil. Fry for about 8 minutes at low temperature until toasted and crispy.
10.Serve the cream with the shavings on top.

Chef’s tip

The onion should be cut into wedges and not julienne so that it does not burn. On the other hand, 200 g of sweet potato can be added if the patients need a diet rich in carbohydrates